10 Cool Android Smartphone Accessories

Got a new smartphone and looking for something crazy and stylish to accompany it with? Or are you searching for a gift for a crazy-smartphone friend? Whatever the reason, we have some cool gadgets for you to check out.
In this cool world, no one walks without a smartphone, In fact, most of the people do their work through a smartphone, be it a professional, businessman, or a student. Therefore, a smartphone carries immense importance in the lives of everyone and so do the accessories and the gadgets that make the smartphones ‘smart’. Moreover, modern-day phones have done wonders for us and have made our lives so much easier. They have great hardware, features, and operating systems. But what enhances their smartness is the cool gadgets.
Anyway, let’s get back to the article. You must be wondering why you would even need such things. The answer is to enhance your phone’s capabilities. If you have any suggestions, let me know down in the comments section. I’ll be reading your comments personally.

Looking for a keying cable compatible with 100% of the devices? You’re in the right place! This is a 3 in one charging cable. This product comes with a universal connector, which unifies Lightning and MicroUSB, and a cleverly-designed USB adapter, enabling you to charge all Androids and other portable devices. Additionally, it has a length of 2 inches when closed and has the flexibility to increase freedom of use while charging your devices.
Even if you forget your charging cable, you won’t have to worry one bit, because you would have the inCharge on your keychain. It is such a cool little tool and so useful to have it on your keychain. You would love having all three connectors and being able to have a charging cord ready at any time, even at your friend’s house!
The only drawback, though, is that it isn’t built quite tough. It can’t withstand the tugging and the pulling that cables normally face. Usually, you pull a plug out by simply tugging on the cable, but this product can’t withstand the force.

Adonit Snap Stylus 2
Presenting you another unique and stylish gadget: the Adonit Snap 2 Stylus! Being magnetic, you can attach the Snap 2 to the back of your phone with a self-included adhesive magnetic strip. It can capture the perfect moment with three continuous shots. Snap a new pose, get the frame-by-frame action shot, and never miss a minute with Snap 2! It is rechargeable; its battery life is 12 hours and you can easily recharge with any MicroUSB charger. The good thing is that the MicroUSB cable comes with the product in the package.
With this product, you can draw, doodle, or write on your phone with precision. You can elevate your storytelling on Snapchat and Instagram. Furthermore, the shutter makes it ever so easy to control your phone’s camera. You can instantly take photos with the snap of a button and capture the best moment with three continuous shots in the Triple Burst mode. You can place your phone on a tripod to capture group pictures at a distance. No need to set a timer, just snap the button to get the perfect shot!

Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Stand
This wireless charger can help you charge your compatible smartphones, without the need to plug your device into a wall charger or a USB port. The best thing about this wireless charger is that it allows you to still use your device while charging, and your device will be always accessible so you can answer a call without having to unplug. This contradicts other chargers where you have to unplug the charger to use the device. It has a multi-colored LED light that indicates charging status. Its retail packages include a one-year warranty. It has a built-in cooling fan that keeps your device and the charger cool during charging.
Its pros are that it can charge with great speeds: 1.8x more power output than any standard wireless charger. With this charging stand, you can take your wireless charging experience to a next level with fast charging. It is available in Black Sapphire or White.
The only drawback, though, of this product is that it makes low beeping noises when it is plugged in. They are relatively very quiet beeps but can be inconvenient for a bedroom or office. Otherwise, it is a must-have for any crazy-smartphone person!

Master & Dynamic Wireless Earphones
These wireless earphones are a testament to their splendid design and excellent sound quality. They have quick pairing technology and a 20+ meter range of Bluetooth. Moreover, the earphones are noise-isolating; they have a noise-isolating fit that makes it difficult to hear the outside raucous and conversations. They are the best earbuds for music. Whether you want to listen to jazz or hip-hop, these earbuds deliver the audio of the highest quality! The finest materials are used to make them, including premium leather, stainless steel, aluminum, and hand-crafted acetate, which gives an iconic, durable, and timeless look to the product. The company has designed the key components, including lambskin ear pads, in such a way that they are replaceable to ensure longevity.
Furthermore, these earbuds are the best for relaxing music as they block out all noise from the background and let you live in a world of your own music. Just imagine that!
The only drawback of the wireless earbuds is that they have a battery span of 3.5 hours. People consider this very less, contrary to other earbuds. Other than that, it has an impeccable sound quality!

Viper VSM300 SmartStart Module
The Viper Smart Module is a control platform that enables you to connect your vehicle with your smartphone. It establishes a connection so that you can start, lock, and unlock your vehicle. Its GPS features show you where you parked and lets you know your car’s location. The way it works is that it plugs into your car’s OBD connector and provides car tracking and car monitoring data on your smartphone via an application.
With this SmartStart Module, you can receive alerts for strange vibrations and driver habits. You can start and control your car from anywhere through your smartphone. What is most interesting about this product is that you can unlock or lock your car’s doors remotely. There’s a Diagnostic Trouble Code which helps you check the issues in your vehicle’s engine. Also, it is compatible with Siri and Google Voice Commands.
Its drawback is that, sometimes, it makes it a bit too long to unlock or lock the doors with the app. Additionally, it lacks a driver scoring system and warnings for dangerous driving, for example, sharp turns and unusual acceleration.

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector
Up for a movie night, but don’t have a big screen, or having issues with projectors? Don’t worry, because we have got you covered! Presenting you the Nebula Smart Pocket Projector! Yes, you can carry it in your pocket comfortably and have fun with your friends or family. After downloading the Nebula app, the phone becomes a TV remote for a high-quality Projector. The Projector runs on Android and hosts streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix. Many consider it a revolutionary product. In addition to that, the ‘smart’ projector is decently bright and can work for hours on battery, without even the slightest of hindrance.
The Projector produces remarkable clarity and contrast. The designers have equipped the projector with a powerful omnidirectional speaker, that can pump sound all around. You can enjoy your favorite movies and shows with up to 100 inches big screen anywhere on your home. Its biggest pros are that you can adjust its focus; the app on the phone makes it very easy to use and can also be used with a mouse; you can project from a laptop if you connect it with an HDMI cable, and you can attach a tripod stand as well.
However, its only con is that it should have an option to adjust brightness. Other than this, it is perfect for an enjoyable movie night!

Ampulla MiniS Portable Bluetooth Speakers
These speakers are truly one of a kind! They have a magnetic base design that makes them able to stick to any surface, letting you place them for optimal sound production. They bring you a truly free and positional stereo sound experience.
This product has a shocking battery span of 8 hours! And what’s even more stunning about this product is that it can be fully charged in just 50 minutes! Amazing! They have two speakers and so you can separate them and make them work individually. It comes with customized armbands, like bike mounts and magnetic stickers, allowing you to enjoy your music while hiking, cycling, or even skateboarding.

The WonderCube is, as the name hints, truly a wonder! Its company has brought all major phone essentials together in a single cube of 1 Cubic Inch. It has a charger, memory, phone stand, LED torch, you name it! The company has designed it as a keychain so that you can carry it easily. This tiny gadget is probably the best all-in-one you’ll ever come across.
All you’ll have is just a cube; no mess, no tangle. It is completely covered, without any exposed contacts. To end the frustration of carrying all those messy, tangled and loads of accessories, the WonderCube is the smallest possible all-in-one. It unfolds to meet various needs. For any low-battery situations, the WonderCube can save the day for you. Ever felt tired of holding the phone too much? There’s WonderCube’s phone stand for you. Even if you’re home late or want to find something in the dark, you can use the LED torch of the WonderCube.

Sounwill Foldable Keyboard
Are you a PC person, who mostly uses a keyboard or a laptop? Ever felt tired of tapping on the tiny screen of the phones? If yes, then you’re at the right place at the right time. I’m introducing the Foldable Bluetooth keyboard. Yes, you read it correctly, foldable. Such keyboards have increased demands as the bulk of the work is done on laptops. But what if you don’t feel like gazing at the big screen? That’s where the keyboard comes into play.
It is, of course, foldable, so you can easily carry it with yourself when working outdoors or traveling. Its producers have designed it to be lightweight so that you can easily carry it. High-quality black leather covers its keys so that it protects it from damage and scratches. The built-in lithium battery makes the battery life of the keyboard over 40 hours; enough for an entire short-term business trip. Moreover, it can provide a 10 meters operating range for tablets, laptops, and androids. It comes with a free stand holder for holding the phone in front of the keyboard. You can adjust it to six angles, according to your own convenience.
The best thing about this is that it has no drawbacks at all! If any fault appears, the company can be called and you can get a new one! Simple as that!

SHUTTERMOON Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit iPhone
Haven’t you ever thought that you should capture every moment of your life so you can cherish them later? So, this means you should carry a camera with you all the time, right? Wrong! Just a good smartphone can do and the Shuttermoon Camera Lens Kit will do! These are easy-to-carry things, so you don’t have to worry about carrying big kits. Whenever you feel like capturing a snap of a moment, just take out a lens from the kit; fix it onto the camera of your phone, and voila! You are ready to take a snap of the moment!
The features of the camera lens utterly transform the beautiful world around you. Whatever types of pictures you want, this kit offers them all. From selfies, games, and concerts to close-ups, this kit excels it all! The company has upgraded it to minimize reflections and blurry pictures. The 2x Telephoto zooming lens allows you to capture distant objects. Furthermore, it has the feature of creating a round, hemispherical image instead of a square one. The 150 Macro lens is a perfect magnifier for capturing flowers and insects.

Aren’t these the coolest gadgets that will make your smartphone actually more ‘smart’? Note that while all of these support the Android operating system, most of them are universal too. So no matter what phone you’re using, you can easily get these accessories and enhance the features of your lovely smartphone.

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